Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a philanthropist, has dedicated his life to helping several different facets of research in hope for a better life. A recipient of his charity is the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation’s focus is anti-aging, and Jason Hope contributes money in hope of helping the company find a better way to live.

Organizations such as SENS are focused on research and the potential elimination of anti-aging. One of the objectives is to find a cure for diseases that cause detrimental effects to the body such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, lung disease, and heart problems. The mode of thought for SENS is that traditional medicine attempts to fix the problem after the fact. SENS, with the help of Jason Hope, moves more in the direction of stopping the disease before it happens. The idea is prevention, not treatment.

Jason Hope is dedicated to helping the welfare of others through philanthropy, research, dedicated, and passion. As an entrepreneur, he wants to see the communities in Arizona thrive economically. As a humanitarian, he drives organizations to help the human cause and condition.

His work in technology is nothing short of exemplary. He has developed mobile apps, desktop software, and even gaming software as well as devices for connectivity. His passion is in developing technology to bring enjoyment to life. Jason considers himself a futurist, working with organization and individuals to imagine and create a future comprised of cutting edge technologies that can change the economy and the lives of millions.

Jason shares his knowledge with young business owners to drive forward his ideas for future technologies, and push focus of various businesses on expanding and providing jobs. His acumen is to revitalize business and his knowledgeable approach helps motivate change and drive for success. His goal is to help humanity and society in championing the drive for success.

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