Matthew Autterson and his Stance on Neuropathic Pain


Matthew Autterson is the President and CEO of the CNS Biosciences, Inc. Mathew was born in Detroit, Michigan. He now lives in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. CNS Biosciences, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Scott Falci M.D. CNS is a clinical-stage drug development company that focuses on neuropathic pain. Mr. Autterson studied at Michigan State University where he graduated with a B.A. in Finance in 1979. He then attended University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.

Work Experience

Autterson started his career at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. In 1980, he joined a small team of associates to establish a new Colorado state-chartered trust company as a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. Autterson was elected to be the president of Resources Trust Company in the 1986.

Falci Adaptive Biosystems works to provide greater mobility to the disabled.

Matthew Autterson serves on the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems; a nonprofit organization that mainly specializes in helping those with neuromotor disabilities. They aim to enhance their ability to interact efficiently with their environment. Through close partnership with top engineers and leading medical centers, top technologies are developed and transitioned into rehabilitation and adaptive systems.

Philanthropy Acts

Matthew Autterson is a leader in Colorado’s business community. Falci Adaptive Biosystems is the philanthropic interest of Matthew. This came about after serving on the Board of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation for many years.  Additionally he was Chairman of the Board at Denver Hospice and a board member of the Young Presidents Organization.

Other Business Ventures.

Matthew Autterson is also a managing partner at GL3B Partners Limited, LLP a closely-held investment entity in Cherry Hills Village.

He lives in Cherry Hills Village with his family and is actively engaged in the community.


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