Matthew Fleeger predicts a long term oil boom that reaches into 2040

It wasn’t too long ago that financial and oil experts were talking up a storm about how the U.S would soon be entirely dependent on OPEC after the imminent depletion of our hydrocarbon reserves. This, of course, was not too hard to believe as many in the business did not see an alternative other than “hard oil”, however, the name is just as this hard oil was deemed not to be financially feasible. Then, however, came the introduction of technologies that would throw that theory out the window. Suddenly, this hard oil located in the hard shale and sandstone formations of America could not be extracted easier and with a lot less money.

The two innovative technologies that saved the U.S during a critical time of change where horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The introduction of a self-navigated drilling system also allowed companies to set up drilling stations with little or no manpower which meant the elimination of the payroll budget. The company there from the start was Gulf Coast Western, run by Matthew Fleeger. Fleeger with his years of experience working with his father who founded the company saw the opportunity these technologies brought to the company. With his expertise, Fleeger quickly began utilizing the partnerships the company had with other producers and began incorporating these two technologies in order to bring in a hefty profit for the company. Fleeger states that this oil boom could no doubt last up until 2040 with reserves going strong.

In a sit-down interview, Fleeger talks about his time when uncertainty was in the air, he states that his first priority was to cut down on any unnecessary overhead without having to lay any of his employees off. Secondly is the inclusion of his constant positive attitude, Fleeger states that having a positive mindset in the presences of your employees spreads quickly and encourages everyone to do their best. There is no doubt that success and forward progression lay ahead for Fleeger and the Gulf Coast Western company.

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