Omar Boraie $1.5 Million Pledge Support

Rutgers Cancer Institute becomes the first in the country to use genomic sequencing to facilitate a precision based medicine research. The project will boost patient care and reveal better therapies for rare types of cancers, improve the prognosis and help find solutions for the treatment options that seem ineffective. The revolution in the cancer institute has been made possible through the help of Omar Boraie. According to patch, he has pledged to support the course with $1.5 million. Another donor has also provided an extra $1.5 million support. Omar who is the chair of Genomic Science has expressed his relentless support to research work and high levels of education as published in Newswise.

Genomic science is changing the view medical professionals have on cancer diagnosis. The treatment progress is also changing due to the new discoveries, thus making it effective. The developments include better treatment of a tumor on a genetic level and prescribing personalized therapies to improve the results. In this regard, the fight against cancer has continued to attract attention worldwide. It has attracted the attention of President Obama who, while at the State of the Union Address announced the launch of Precision Medicine Initiative. The initiative was focused on the treatment cancer and other chronic diseases. Through precision medicine approach, the medical experts will be able to classify cancer. Therefore, it will be easy to predict the outcomes and even indicate the kind of personalized cancer therapies a patient should be given.

Historic Advances

Omar Boraie believes the support given the cancer research project will reveal ways on how to treat cancers that are not responsive. This is because when the approach is applied to different cancer patients, the fight against cancer will have advanced in a great way. He is also hopeful that the support given the course will inspire other people to give their contribution. Boraie has a passion for cancer research and believes his efforts will yield the needed results and even go beyond the expectation.

The genomic science approach will make a huge contribution to the research on cancer. The treatment of cancer will also get better. The historic progress will crown New Brunswick as a Healthcare City. This is because genomic analysis will open a door to help medical experts to classify cancer in a more detailed manner. His efforts have been highly appreciated by the Director of Rutgers Cancer Institute Robert S. Di Paola MD. Rutgers Institute of New Jersey is a comprehensive cancer center and the first and only in New Jersey.


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