Michael Lacey

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Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959. He went to school at the University of Illinois and earned his Ph.D in 1987. Lacey’s mathematical work included areas in probability, ergodic theories, and harmonic analysis.

He had later on went on to hold a few different postdoctoral positions including ones that were held at Louisiana State University, and the University of North Carolina. During 1989 through 1996 he worked at Indiana University. While at Indiana University he received the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

In 1996 Michael Lacey became apart of Georgia Tech. His studies and research helped him receive awards from Guggenheim and the Simons Foundations. Lacey went on to become the director of the VIGRE and MCTP awards.

He has helped and mentored several students who were either undergrads, graduates or post docs. Many graduates he helped went go on to successful graduate programs while his the students who have gotten Ph.D’s have gone straight to academic and industry positions.

In 1996 the Salem Prize was rewarded to Michael Lacey a long side Christoph Thiele of Christian-Albrechts-Universität for their hard work and dedication towards Calderón’s bilinear Hilbert transform and the development of a new method of phase space analysis. The Salem Prize is an award that is given every year to those who are judged on their amazing work. That year Michael Lacey succeeded.

Since the awards, the hours and the prizes, Michael Lacey has continued to succeed at his mathematical studies. He went on to become a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. Years later he was awarded with the Guggenheim Fellowship award.

The award was given because of his work with Xiaochun Li. Michael Lacey recently became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012.

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Sentient AI: The Five Things You Never Tell A Customer

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You need to choose your words carefully when dealing with a customer online or in the store, according to Sentient AI. Sentient AI has done some research, and they find that front-line employees need to wear a smile on their face. Back-line employees need to say things like our pleasure, please come back again; the problem has been solved, and thanks you.

Conversations like these are only the beginning. You need to keep peppering your customers up if you want them to remain loyal. According to Sentient AI- Ecommerce Customer Experience, there are four things you should never tell a customer if you want their business.

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Ecommerce Customer Experience: The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service

1) You should not say “no big deal”. You should say “tell me more”. I used to work in retail. I can tell you e-commerce customer experience is right about this. It might not be a big deal to you, but it is to your customer. If you use a line like this once, your customer will walk away.

2) You should always tell your customer you will take care of the problem. Worrying might be part of your customer’s genetic makeup. What might be a healthy response to one person is an unhealthy response in another. You should always put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Shrugging the problem off will cause undue stress to your customer.

3) Comparing one customer to another is a sign of dismissal. You might view it as a joke, but your customer might not. Saying “I can help you with this” is the way to go.

4) You will get a customer who will complain. Some of the complaints are warranted. They are also part of a bigger issue. You might not hear others complain about a problem, but that does not mean the issue is not there. You need to approach every complaint as though there are more out there.

5) “You are not hearing me”. To say that is a sign of dismissal. Your customers get distracted by external forces just like you. Your customers will be assuming many things. They assume you are using a condescending tone. They assume you are reading a script. You need to show them you care. Ask them what part is unclear. To say that shows you are looking into the matter and not dismissing them.

Read: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/11939915/Worlds-most-funded-AI-company-Sentient-Technologies-launches-online-shopping-product.html

Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group Leads By Example

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Organization leadership dictates the direction that a firm or a business takes in different industries. More often, organizations rely on the leader’s ability to make the right decisions based on success. For a company to be successful, the head cheerleader must be wise and observant in pursuing different viable strategies. A good leader is equipped with the basis of controlling the specific business. Apart from this, an astute leader understands the value of incorporating essential work relations. On the other hand, a perfect leader is often focus-driven. Such are the traits of Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group.

A Look at His Career

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group more than ten years ago. His input to the company has perhaps been the most prominent factor when describing leadership skills. His first responsibility upon joining OSI Group was ensuring that the company was financially stable and on the right path of operations. Working closely with the owner of Otto & Sons Company, he mastered the art of leadership and ensured that everything was running smoothly. According to Lavin, a lot was at stake, and he made sure that the company vastly developed into a pacesetter in manufacturing and supplying meat-based products.

Lavin is Visionary

Being a visionary, Lavin landed a role at the company. He was appointed the chief financial advisor where he handled all financial services. Lavin is a proud believer in globalization. Consequently, he has often, worked with most partners and investors to initiate globalization projects. By becoming the head cheerleader of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has revolutionized the market and the industry. He has severally implemented successful strategies for the growth of the business.

Services Provided by OSI Group

OSI Group prides itself on being not only a meat-based food provider but also an employer. With Sheldon Lavin on board, the company has successfully, managed to expand its territories regarding service delivery. In China alone, OSI Group has been growing the economy since 1992. In sports, the company was entrusted with the responsibility of supplying meat-based food to attendees. Nobody complained about the company’s services as the quality was unmatched in many ways.

Lavin is positive about OSI Group expanding service scope to multiple countries. Even with the challenges that globalization poses to most companies, OSI Group has been on the lead. It is because of such brains as Lavin’s that the company continues to thrive.

For details: www.osigroup.com/news/

Ted Bauman Reputed Financial Analyst And Editor At Banyan Hill Publishing

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Ted Bauman is an integral part of the team at the Banyan Hill Publishing and joined the company in the year 2013. Since the time he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, he has achieved a lot and has grown to become the editor of few of the significant publications of Banyan Hill Publishing, including Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club. Few of his primary specialization include asset protection, low-risk investments, privacy, and international migration issues. Currently, Ted Bauman is based in Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his family.

Ted Bauman regularly writes insightful articles on stocks, investments, and on different topics related to finance. He says in one of his recent articles is that the retirement planning is essential for every individual, but also mentioned that most people carve their retirement planning in a wrong way. It is what leads to most people not able to fulfill their retirement planning goals. Ted Bauman says that most people do the retirement planning by focusing on the price and not on the value, which is what leads to a fundamental clash of the entire retirement planning in the first place.

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Ted Bauman says that he has been fascinated with the concept of price and value from the time he studied economics. He said that if people can understand the difference between price and value, they would be able to assess their net worth better and would also be able to take care of their expenses in a modest manner on bloomberg.com. As an example, he said that while his kids wanted a gaming console worth nearly three hundred dollars, Ted said other things are more valuable than that which he could use.

Ted says that people should be careful when they measure their net worth and must factor in the time when assessing their overall financial value. It is because the parameters used to determine net worth today might not fetch the same price in the future, or just might fetch a better price on banyanhill.com. Time is one of the critical indicators that must be considered when planning retirement as it is what would help increase the accuracy of the planning. As a closing remark, Ted Bauman said that it is essential for the people to focus on value and not price. What is valuable should be the top priority, because the price of anything that’s valuable would always remain consistent irrespective of time.

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Equities First-French Tribune

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Equities First-Tribune is committed to providing ways to get you cash. They specialize in stock-based loans to answer financial solutions. Most loans require credit checks, but our loan service offer you one with no hidden fees or closing cost. We offer services to small or large borrowers or investors. It’s a way to get money relief to help you with any financial crisis.Equities First-Tribune is determined to offer you options and choice of terms, to make sure you are completely satisfied. Whether you need the cash to buy a new car, home remodeling, or an emergency situation we are there to make sure you get the loan you desire. Call for a stock-based loan today!

Rally Driving with Rodrigo Terpins

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Rodrigo Terpins is described as one of Brazil’s most talented and skilled rally drivers. His passion and interest in rally driving started when he was still a young boy. His hard work and determination led him to become one of the most successful rally drivers. Rodrigo states that he has one of the best careers in the world since he does what he loves the most. The work of Rodrigo is also known to require a lot of discipline, expertise and patience which he all possesses. The rally drive is part of the team at the Bull Sertoes Rally where he is a team player and a very valued member.

Rodrigo Terpins is known to come from a well-established family that is comprised of veterans. His father serves as the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress with his brother who is known as Michael serving as a race car driver. This has served as a huge motivator when it comes to his career. Michael Terpins serves as one of the mentors of Rodrigo Terpins and is also among the most talented and successful rally drivers in the whole of Brazil. Rodrigo was born and brought up in Brazil. His childhood was spent in fixing cars and this is where his passion for rallies came from.

Currently, Rodrigo Terpins serves as the senior director at the T5 Participacoes. His skills and experience have helped the company in attaining tremendous growth and success. He has also helped in planning some of the largest competitions in the whole of Brazil. Rodrigo also has a very extensive education background and he attributes this to be part of the success that he currently enjoys. Terpins graduated from the prestigious Saint Hilaire and was able to acquire expertise in corporate and management governance. In the past, Rodrigo serves as the President at the Lojas Marisa where he also led to a lot of the company’s achievements. These executive positions have however not hindered Rodrigo in being a rally driver. Over the years, he has been able to win many awards due to his commitment and success in rally driving. Follow Rodrigo Terpins on Twitter.


How Securus Technologies Has Managed to Use Technology to Solve Crimes

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Securus Technologies has been in operation since 1997, and for the past two decades, they have been offering the best solutions when it comes to solving crimes. The better business bureau has reviewed the company for the quality of their service, their excellent customer service and the fact that the business has not had any issues with the government or filed for bankruptcy. Here, are a few of the things you may not know about Securus and their strategies when it comes to solving crimes.


When the company started out, it was mainly concerned with inmate communication. Here, they made it possible for inmates to communicate with their loved ones regardless of where they were in the country. One of the pioneer services which they offered was bringing down the cost at which inmate telephone calls are made to a very manageable amount. With time, they introduced different calling plans and rates to meet the diverse needs of their clients. It is now possible to have a prepaid account, and postpaid plan and several other communication options.


The addition of technological solutions to help them with the monitoring and video calling is an additional service that came later for them. They created this service because of the increasing instances of insecurity among the inmates. With a monitoring system, the company has been able to deal with issues such as weapons, money, and drugs getting smuggled into the correctional facilities and crimes being executed in the system. They have extended this service beyond the prison system, and it is now possible to contact them for crime resolution outside the system, and especially in the corporate environment.


As Rick Smith, the CEO of the Texas Based Company states, they aim to offer their clients the best solutions for inmate security. So far, they are doing an excellent job.a


Anthony Petrello contribution to the lives of children suffering from neurological disorders

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Anthony Petrello contribution in the healthcare philanthropic initiatives has been great. He has spent millions of dollars in various initiatives that are meant to alleviate the suffering of many children from the United States and all over the world who are suffering from neurological disorder related problems. The neurological disorders in children have a great adverse impact on the lives of these young ones. When children suffer from neurological diseases, then proceed to miss the right medication, then their lives are as good as miserable. This disorders usually come with the problem of a child being unable to control the various body functions especially the body motions. Such children will have the problem of walking as well as talking.

For Anthony Petrello, he has witnessed this problem first hand in his family. His daughter has been suffering from this condition that has made her unable to do basic body functions such as chewing, talking and walking. Until she was seven, he could not feed on solid foods. It has taken many years of training for her to finally learn the art of chewing solid food. Carena suffers from a condition knows as Cerebral Palsy. This is a problem that is caused by improper brain functioning. When the brain receives less oxygen, it will likely affect the whole body since it is the nerve center of all the whole body.

The cerebral Palsy disease has made the life for the little Carena almost unbearable. She has been unable to do basic body functions that are necessary for a normal living of a child. The problem that she has been facing has pushed her parents to look for treatment in many hospitals in the world, but they have not been successful. Almost every hospital that Anthony Petrello have visited lacks a unit that can handle neurological disorders like the one his daughter is suffering from.

Anthony Petrello being a person who does not believe in impossibilities have made it a responsibility in life to tackle this challenge that has plagued his daughters’ life. Anthony Petrello decided to use his wealth to see that the world does not continue to suffer from lack of medical research in such an important part of human life. He is saddened that his daughter and many other little children who are hopeless continues to suffer due to a problem that can be addressed if resources are channeled towards research in the medical field.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-petrello-1335b097

Eric Lefkofsky is Helping to Transform the Way We Treat Cancer

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Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, which is a company that is building the world’s largest database of information to advance the treatment of cancer. Not only is Tempus lowering the cost of genome mapping and sequencing, but it is also combining molecular data about cancer patients with clinical information to give physicians a fuller picture of the possible treatments or methods they might be able to use to make real-time decisions that enable them to better treat individual cases of cancer. Eric was inspired to begin his journey into aiding with the battle against cancer, because someone close to him experienced, first-hand, the lack of high-quality treatment that he feels should be available to anyone who has to deal with the life-threatening disease.

After starting out his professional life by selling carpet, Eric Lefkofsky went on to graduate law school and start a business with his college friend, Brad Keywell. For many years following this, they both ended up investing in many of the same businesses, together, and many of these were very successful. One of these ventures was Groupon, which became a huge success and ended up earning Lefkofsky millions of dollars. Another one of the more recent companies that Lefkofsky has started is Tempus, which is a company that looks to help physicians combat cancer by providing them with an information network that offers them information about specific past cases of cancer so they can apply the knowledge to current patients.

Aside from his business dealings, Eric Lefkofsky is a philanthropist who hopes to help as many people as possible in his lifetime. It was for this reason that His wife and himself started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The Foundation is a private charity that aims to support initiatives, programs, and research that makes life for humans much easier. Eric and the Foundation donate to educational programs like the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, health programs including Planned Parenthood, medical groups like the American Brain Tumor Association, and different arts and culture initiatives and programs including the Steppenwolf Theater. Eric also supports the community of Chicago that he lives in and calls his home.


Bridget Scarr

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Bridget Scarr is a writer across many media platforms running her company, Colibri Studios as executive producer. Colibri Studios is a content development studio, which means that a collaborative approach can be how they execute their work with compelling stories. Using research and strategizing how to use computer technology with work, her approach speaks to large audiences on both an intellectual and emotional level. Bridget oversees the creative development of teams between 5 and 220 people. Their genres are drama, children’s animation, entertainment, lifestyle, and factual entertainment programming. Scarr collaborates with international broadcasters, project partners, and creative talent to dream up new projects.


In the past, Scarr was a television producer. Her main working time is 9-12 p.m. where she researchers and writes original content. She goes home for lunch. From 2 p.m. on she follows up on emails with co-producers, and sales agents. She reads a book or finds an alternative project inspiration. Her projects often include Exhibition projects, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Content or television-related projects. She works on historical projects mixing both factual information and narrative structure. She tries to create new stories true to the time. Virtual reality is cutting edge technology she is helping to write.



Virtual reality can be used in education, in healing, or even granting a dying patient their last wish. Virtual reality transports you into another world. She greatly values having a time-out from work to give her soul a break so that she can feel fresh. She feels that magic is real, being accessible from existing all around us. Also, she remembers that her first business failed because she had an internal financial collapse. She lost everything she owned in that collapse but she managed to build other successful companies afterward. These days she has an idea for a wine app that has both an online store, and a wine concierge who can set up good food and wine experiences. Scarr suggests a wine virtual reality app. Starr’s prior company was Pollen Media where she worked from January 08 to December 2015. She has worked at Colibri from Mar 2016 to the present.


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