Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto and Their Roles towards the Success of Innovacare Success

Rick Shinto is an icon to reckon in the entire healthcare industry. His more than two decades experience in the medical career kicked off as a pulmonologist and an internist based in Southern California. He later he worked for the MedPartners as the vice president after which he moved on to work at the Cal Optimal Health Plan which was located at the Orange County. Here, he served as the senior medical officer.


Rick Shinto also served as the CMO, as well as an operations manager at the Pathways Management Company and later joined the NAMM California as a medical management senior officer. Rick was able to join Aveta Inc, in the year 2008 where he worked with the other management staffs after rising to his CEO position in 2012. Today, Rick serves as the CEO and president to the Innovacare Inc. His exemplary, as well as innovative abilities, led him to be the best entrepreneur of the year in 2012 where he won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


The Career of His Partner Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope is a highly qualified expert in establishing various innovative clinical plans. She also boasts of her extensive knowledge in the healthcare programs management. Penelope Kokkinides also understands the various management and operations strategies required to run any given organizations. She takes pride in her 20 years of experience which she has spent working on some major government programs such as Medicare as well as Medicaid programs. Check out



Before joining Innovacare Inc, Penelope worked with the Centerlight HealthCare as the Chief Management officer. Before that, she had worked with the Touchstone Health as their chief operations officer along with the UnitedHealth unit at AmeriChoice as the Vice President of the disease and care management divisions. Earlier, Penelope had worked with Innovacare as their chief operating officers. However, her 2015 appointment called her for the Chief Administrative Officer. This is, therefore, the second time she is working for the company.


Briefly about Innovacare Health Inc


Innovacare health Inc is a renowned company that is based in the North American and is greatly known for providing the best health care services. The company takes pride in its two main divisions namely Medicare Advantage Programs and the Provider Networks. This great firm is known for its utilization of the highly innovative affordable and sustainable healthcare services and products. The company has a comprehensive understanding of its diverse consumer needs hence ensures that it provides the best products and services for the clients. You can follow their Twitter account.



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