Reviewing Stephen P. Murray’s Career and Philanthropic Activities

Stephen Murray enjoyed a hugely successful 30-year career in the financial services industry. His illustriousness and down to earth character, earned him many admirers. He has been described as a man who always had an ear for everyone, and a unique attention to detail. These qualities greatly contributed to the success of his career. Stephen’s precocious death at the age of 52 years was greeted with shock. He was a man who had made a name for himself within and beyond the money markets.

Stephen’s Early Beginnings and Career Progress

Mr. Murray was born and raised in Westchester County in New York. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance at Boston College in 1984. He consequently pursued his postgraduate studies at Columbia University, where he earned an MBA.

Stephen’s keen eye for business was noted during his collegiate years. This saw him get employed as a credit intern at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Corporation, a New York based financial firm. Within a short time, he had climbed up the ranks to become the firm’s vice president and head of middle-market lending.

In 1989, Stephen played a significant role in merging Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s leveraged finance unit and its private equity division. This merger would set precedence for three more mergers.

In 2000, Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by JP Morgan, leading to the formation of JP Morgan Partners. Mr. Murray was consequently appointed to the helm of the firm’s buyout business. In 2006, he spearheaded a successful spinoff, which led to the formation of CCMP Partners.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen’s CCMP Career

When he led the spinoff, Stephen had a clear goal in mid, which was to venture into middle-market deals. His amiable nature saw him attract some of his former clients, something that was crucial to CCMP’s success during its tentative years.

While serving as the firm’s president and chief executive officer, Mr. Murray distinguished himself as terrific and tireless investor.

The networks that he had built were instrumental to the success that CCMP had. He also helped the firm to establish a unique identity, which has been preserved to date. Stephen had a humane heart and took part in various charity initiatives in the community.

He was a major supporter of New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County similarly benefitted from his handsome donations.

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