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How the Musical Career of the Chainsmokers Is Taking a New Phase

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If you are hearing about the Chainsmokers for the first time, you may not quickly associate this with a musical career. Two talented young men came together to mix dance music with some other genres several years ago, and they have become prominent across the world. This American Duo started their music career while they were still in college together with some other college mates. Many college fans liked their music and performance, and this was the beginning of their greatness. It’s unbelievable seeing what happened to them in 2015. The music charts listed the duo among the top ten musicians though it was their first entry.


The duo, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, composed a song “Roses” that became an electrifying hit in 2015. They later came up with other exciting three complete albums and hit singles. The two great musicians have been on different world tours on music missions, and they have continued to release other elating hits. The Chainsmokers knew they would become great musicians someday if they stayed committed to the singing they did then. Pall was the duo’s Dj while Taggart produced the created songs.


Taggart and Pall are known to create and produce exceptional songs that soothe the hearts and minds of many people across the globe. Their music genre has been, is, and will continue to be educative and enticing. “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Paris” are some of the early hits the duo has released. The Chainsmokers had involved a female musician called Daya when performing these hits. They composed a hit known as “Something Just Like This’ together with a band called Coldplay.


The hits of these musicians have been played on the radio, and this has given them a wide audience. The passion the duo had on music led them to produce a hit that ranked position one for a whole week. The song was known as “Closer,” which the duo had created together with Halsey. “Sick Boy” was a booming hit Taggart and Pall created in 2012 after the short break they had. The song seems to shape a new phase for the two musicians. They are using it to popularize their personalities and make people aware of the negative effects the social media users are likely to experience.