The 5 Principles of Kabbalah

At the base of any spiritual path is the foundation. We like to call them the core principles. The Kabbalah Centre is no different than any other spiritual path. Each path has it’s own distinct number. Some have more, while some have less. The center is no different.

Today we will be exploring some of these core principles. There are 5 in total. Some of them are on a more basic level, while others tend to get more advanced. Follow us down below, as we explore these core principles from a basic understanding.

  1. It all comes down to sharing. You can’t get more basic than that. As you learn to open up and share more, you will be opening your soul up to The Light. Simple and straight forward.

2) The ego has both a positive and negative side to it. Do we want to choose the negative side? This is all about being irresponsible, addiction, selfishness, being hateful and limited, and angry/hurtful behavior? Do we want to choose the positive side, which is all about sharing for the sake of others?

3)You learn all about the spiritual laws. The more common one is about “cause and effect”. You get back what you put out”. This one also gets more complex as you study it. The more you understand this law, the more you will tap into what you say and do. Are you doing something just for the sake of it? Are you doing or saying something just to be provocative and draw attention to yourself? Are you looking to share a positive message? What is your real agenda? Once you begin to understand this, you will truly begin to question everything you say and do.

4) We are all connected and one. Each of us has a spark of the creator in us. It’s up to us how we choose to let our behavior dictate this one. Is it a positive spark? Is it a negative one?

5) It’s all about leaving our comfort zone. It’s only when we become uncomfortable for the sake of others, that’s when we tap into our true potential and light. Are you willing to leave our comfort zone? Do you just want to stay where you are in life?

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