The Life and Personal Achievements of Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt was born in the year 1972 and is known as an American Singer-Songwriter. He is also a writer for the Greyhound Diaries, which is a project that lasted for more than a decade. Doug Levitt came up with the name for his book through his experience traveling over 100,000 miles through a Greyhound Bus, which became a product and inspiration for his songs, Images, and stories of the many people he came across that struggle to get by.Doug Levitt had been featured because of his travels on many Television networks like MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Billboard, The Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. The Greyhound Diaries resulted in two records, published writing, photo exhibits, a one-man show, and some web series. Before he set out on his life changing journey, Doug Levitt was a foreign correspondent that was originally from London and was later on dispatched from Iran, Bosnia, and Rwanda.

In his early years, Doug Levitt took up his education at the Cornell University. He was a student of the late author and astrophysicist Carl Sagan. During college, he had also received a Fulbright Scholarship as well as acquire his Masters in International Relations at the London School of Economics.After completing his education, Doug Levitt switched his career from a foreign correspondent to a singer-songwriter while he was living in London. After a few years, he moved to Nashville, where he worked with an American Producer named David Henry, who is known for being famous for producing records for Yo La Tengo, Josh Rouse, and Guster. Since then, Doug Levitt and David Henry began their long-term collaboration on the Greyhound Diaries.

Throughout his career, Doug Levitt’s travels has captured more than 20,000 images and has performed his work in places like the Kennedy Center, the Woody Guthrie Center, The Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the University of Southern California, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and some of the homeless shelters across the United States.Doug Levitt has made many accomplishments in his life, which has proven to motivate other people by sharing his story through his songs, writings, images, and art.

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