The Role that Fashion Plays in the Alteration of Body Configurations

Very few ladies realize that what they wear significantly affects how they are perceived by others. Fashion has the ability to alter how old one appears. In addition, it has been widely documented that some clothes augment body organs such as hips and breasts. Renowned creator Zac Posen has taken advantage of this and is among pioneer designers coming up with high end pieces, which amplify body ideals of those wearing them.

Posen has styled a number of celebrities such as Katie Holmes. He emphasizes that the mode of dressing bears a lot of obligation in modifying perceptions about what constitutes a perfect figure among women. He has cut a niche for himself for creating pieces, which augment the hips and curves of those putting them on. Posen is banking his hopes on the movie and television stars that he dresses, to make his creations a household name.

During a recent interview with the People Magazine, Posen retaliated that body ideals such as hips are modified by the kind of clothes a woman wears. He further added that fashion has the ability to offer entertainment. He calls this “fashion-tainment”. He also stated that the media outlets, which lean towards fashion, ought to highlight how women of all body types can change their outlook through their dressing. This he hopes will have a huge impact on the industry. The original article was posted on Vogue Magazine.

An Outline of JustFab

This is an online subscription retailer, which deals in women’s fashion items such as handbags, boots, shoes and apparel. The firm was started in 2010 by entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Actress Kimora Lee Simpson was brought on board in 2011, to act as the president and creative director of the company. Since then, it has rapidly expanded its operations to several locations. Several celebrities have also launched their brands through JustFab. These include Avril Lavigne and Elle Fowler. This portrays how fast the retailer is gaining a foothold in the industry.

Thereafter will then be assigned a personal stylist, whose work is to choose items for the subscriber based on her preferences. The pieces will then be sent to the customer by the fifth day of the month, upon which the cost will be spontaneously deducted from the client’s credit card. To read more about the company’s products, click on this link:

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