Unpaid $20 Million CRDA Loan by Devco

New Brunswick DEVCO did not clear the $1 million in principal and interest owing to Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The company owes Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The loan was made in 2005 is already in arrears for five years now. Missed payments are racking up to almost $7 million. It has raised eyebrows on Devco.
According to Press of Atlantic City, the company’s attorney Christopher Paladino organized for the $20 million Heldrich loan. According to the Press of Atlantic City, the attorney said that the CRDA would be cleared though it might take a couple of years to do so. Devco took the CRDA to construct a huge hotel. It has 235 rooms which have been open since 2007. It has been difficult for the hotel to attract guests and it has recorded a tenancy rate was 63.5% as at last year.

According to Paladino, the hotel is cash-stripped, so the corporation was forced to tap $776,000 from its money to fund necessary capital expenses like replacing carpets and mattresses. However, Paladino in indicated that they will keep on engaging in that project to make it healthy. The corporation took the $20 million CRDA loan to build the Heldrich, and it was part of the $107 million for financing the project. That includes $70 million in municipal bonds that should be paid with revenue generated from the hotel. Maria Prato is the spokeswoman for the Authority, and she indicated that they are optimistic that the project will satisfy the outstanding obligations. She noted that the loan was secured. http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/unpaid-million-crda-loan-raises-questions-about-new-brunswick-devco/article_a03318e2-dcdb-11e5-a563-67611bc7b7bc.html

About Devco

Devco is tasked with formulating European Union Development policies that reduce poverty all over the world. It ensures sustainable development and promotes democracy through external aid. It fosters coordination between the European Union and its member states in development. Stefano Manservisi is Devco’s Director General since 16th May 2016.


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