Vijay Eswaran; One Of The Best Business Minds The World Has To Offer

In life, people undergo through a lot of challenges that play a part in shaping them to become a better individual in future. Being successful is not matter of waking up and becoming successful, but it involves working hard and not giving up on your dream regardless of what people say.

This is what Vijay Eswaran did, and now he owns a multimillion business that is helping boost the Asian economy. Looking at everything he has gone through and still become a successful entrepreneur, one cannot stop but admire Vijay Eswaran. According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is the founder of QI Group, a marketing firm that has grown and developed to become the largest marketing enterprise in Asia.

When it started, the firm was a retailer that focused on commemorative coins and precious metals. All this happened when Vijay learned about direct sales while he was in London studying; he understood the importance of researching and knowing more about a certain aspect before he could implement the aspect in his life.’

He believed that for him to begin his firm, he first had to ensure he had learned everything there is to know about direct sales.

In his bid to learn about direct sales, Vijay Eswaran landed at IBM where he worked while finding out more about the industry. He worked in various institutions while learning new things and when he saw he had learned more than enough, he returned home to open up his business. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

It was easy for him to launch his firm as he had no capital to start with or any mentor who guided his steps. He was all alone, and regardless of these challenges, Eswaran still made it in life. Other people did not trust in his idea, and all Vijay had was himself and his idea that he aimed at bringing to life.

Having gained a lot experience and information about direct sales when still in London, it was not hard for him to lead QI Group.

Over the years, the business has continued growing to the point of operating in more than twenty states something he never thought would happen. He trusts that with QI Group, many people’s lives will be changed and improved to become better.


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