Whitney Wolfe Uniquely Empowers Forward Thinking Women

According to the Pew Research Center, fifteen percent of all Americans report that they have used online dating or mobile apps. Old and young alike agree that it is an easy to use, efficient, fast method of meeting people with compatible interests. People are busier than ever these days and do not have time to go through the awkward face-to-face interactions of getting to know someone. Apps save time because there is virtually an app for just about any niche in existence. The expectations or intentions of potential prospects are clearly understood from the outset. It’s a win-win proposition.

The innovative creation of the deemed ‘feminist mobile dating app’, Bumble, was the brainchild of its Chief Executive Officer and founder Whitney Wolfe. The strong independent woman of today has broken glass ceilings, opened closed doors, overcome obstacles and removed boundaries in pursuit of her own destiny…except when it comes to the mobile dating app world. Whitney Wolfe decided that it was time to change the age-old tradition of men pursuing women in waiting and broke new ground with Bumble. Bumble flips the empowerment script so that women are able to choose with whom they wish to engage in chance meetings.

View Whitney Wolfe’s Crunchbase profile to learn more about her educational and career background.

Whitney Wolfe has always had an activist spirit within her being. She has innately sought to make change through the empowerment of others. She set out on a course of action for achieving that on a larger scale, which led her to delve into the techno world. While working on a series of projects at Hatch Labs, an incubator for startup projects, she participated in the creation of one of the first location-based dating apps, Tinder. Her foundational experience with Tinder spurred her forward-looking vision for Bumble. She discovered an enthralling unique niche in the mobile dating app world.

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